How to check MOT history

You're buying a used car. You saw the listing in a reputable well-known magazine, you've gone to check it out. The bloke seems nice, the car looks good: no dents, scratches, bumps, obvious defects, etc. Everything seems hunky-dory, so why not pay up?

Hold on a second! Like an iceberg, 90% of what constitutes a used car remains under the surface. There could be all manner of serious problems covered by a shiny paint job. The clue is in the name - Used. Before you get anywhere near to making a purchase, check car MOT history!

How do I check car MOT history?

It's easy. The MOT results of all cars (post-2005 in England, Scotland and Wales) are listed on the site. It's free to use and you'll find the complete history of a vehicle there. All you need are the vehicle's registration details.

Among the details listed are:

Click the link below to start:

Check Car MOT History here


What is an MOT?

An MOT is a test a vehicle is required to have by law on an annual basis after it reaches three years old. The test determines if the vehicle is in a safe, roadworthy and emission compliant state to be driven on UK roads under the Highways Act 1988.

What happens if I fail my MOT?

You can have your car retested for free within ten days of the fail.

How can I book an MOT?

Right here! Click here to book an MOT with Servicing Stop. £25 if included with a service, £65 without.

Can I watch my MOT test?

Yes, but you must not interfere.

Does it cost anything to check car MOT history?

No. To check car MOT history is completely free.

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